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About Celebre

Weddings are unique, beautiful, emotional and often the biggest day of someone’s life, Pauline & the Celebre team are honoured to be able to create them. Working with couples from all over the world and really getting to know them is an incredible experience and something we have an immense passion for doing. After years of creating & planning Weddings & Events throughout Scotland, we have learnt it all comes down to two things, the Connection and Personality. You must have a Connection with the couple to really get to know them and create a wedding which is all them, it also makes for a fun planning process! The other is Personality, taking into account the personality of the venue, of course the couple and a little of what makes Celebre Weddings special, bringing it all together to create something stunning, which has never been seen before. Creating bespoke weddings is what we do and what we love doing. Our experience, passion and knowledge of planning & executing only the best quality of weddings in Scotland make us experts in our field.With outstanding design and meticulous organisation we create magical experiences for each and every one of our couples & clients. 

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