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Wedding Decor & Styling

Celebre understand that it's the little details that make your big day truly special, which is why we have the reputation we do. Whatever it is that you desire, from a simple, elegant gathering for your nearest and dearest to a luxurious, opulent bash for everyone you know, we’ve got it covered. We have years of experience in creating stunning décor for countless weddings and we will make sure your occasion is full of style, sophistication and panache.

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Wedding Planning & Coordination 

appreciate that planning a wedding can be a little daunting, and we’re committed to making sure your big day happens on budget and with no fuss. With over 30 years experience in planning & executing events in many industries, Celebre can meet your every need at ease. Our large range of elegant and beautiful décor, lighting, backdrops, tablescapes, bars and venue styling skills means we can transform your dream wedding into a breath-taking reality.


Private Event Styling

No matter what the special occasion, celebre can plan and design your day.

With over 30 years experience planning events across different industries - from large corporate outings to small private baby showers, celebre will ensure you create wonderful memories.

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